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Donnie Walsh, Rod Thorn say don't worry about Coach Kidd

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

David Thorpe of ESPN may have called Jason Kidd the "worst coach in the NBA," and a "veteran scout" may have told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck that Kidd's bench comportment is "terrible," but two guys who have hired --and fired-- a lot of coaches say not to worry.

Donnie Walsh, who ran the Knicks and runs the Pacers, and Rod Thorn, who traded for Kidd when with the Nets, both offered endorsements of the Nets rookie coach.

Walsh told Justin Tasch of the Daily News that the team's injuries are the big issue for the Nets, adding, "I think he'll be a great coach, but you can't judge him on the first 10 games."

He also had some strong words for the "veteran scout" who talked to Beck.

"Are those the anonymous scouts? Tell them to put their names on it," Walsh said. "I think he's gonna be a good coach. You've got my name. Too many gutless guys in this league."

Thorn said something similar and noted he thought the Nets and Knicks will do fine.

"He knows basketball, he gets instant respect from players because of who he is and what he's done, and I think he'll do very well," Thorn said of Kidd.