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Brooklyn Nets' versatility attracting attention

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

John Schuhmann calls it "scary."

Harvey Araton calls it "startling."

You can call it "versatility" or "flexibility" or "depth" or whatever you want, but it was on full display Friday night in Brooklyn. It just seems like they're coming at you in waves.

Here's some fun facts:

--The Nets starters played a total of eight minutes together.

--No Net played more than 31 minutes. Five Heat players played more than 31.

--Nets had seven players with eight or more points, nine with six or more.

--Nets had nine players with 19 or more minutes (plus AK-47 with 12). Heat had five players with 19 minutes.

--Paul Pierce scored 19 points in 31 minutes, Johnson 19 in 27 minutes. Kirilenko scored 8 in 12 minutes.

As Deron Williams said after the game, it's taking advantage of the Nets' diversified roster. "I think it’s the beauty of it, right now," Williams said. "Nobody has to play too many minutes, and nobody cares. You’re not seeing anybody pouting. Everybody’s up cheering. Everybody’s having fun. That’s how it’s supposed to be."

Ken Berger isn't that impressed, saying the Heat remain the champs until dethroned and that the win was more important to the Nets.