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Deron Williams back, Brook Lopez waiting till shootaround for decision

Streeter Lecka

Deron Williams will be back on the court Wednesday when the Nets face the Bobcats in Charlotte.  But Brook Lopez won't know his fate until shootaround in North Carolina.

Williams, who missed two games with a sprained left ankle, said he won't have any restrictions and plans to play.

"Nope," Williams said about a minutes limit. "I'm going to play."

Williams has been spelled by Shaun Livingston, a pleasant surprise in a month without a lot of them. In the last four games, the 6'7" Livingston (who's a year younger than Williams) has averaged 16.3 points a game, 3.5 assists and shot 52.2 percent from the floor and 89.5 percent from the stripe.  Williams, beset by a troublesome ankle, is averaging 10 points and 6.5 assists in eight games.

Lopez is hopeful he'll get the nod vs. Charlotte, saying, ""I don't know how long it's going to be, that's not up to me. I feel good. I feel like I could play. I'm not the one calling the shots there. We've got to think about long-term."

Meanwhile, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, apparently leaders of the "reflection" --and locker room walkout Monday-- spoke to reporters about the scene in the locker room after the loss to Portland.

"I really believe that when you go through dismal times like this, it builds character," Garnett said of the "reflection," aka players-only meeting. "It shows you who's within and who has the rope and who's going to let go. I think it really separates the ones that are willing to fight and so far everybody's in here."

Pierce said he and the team are "angry" about the 3-7 start.

Andrei Kirilenko, battling back spasms, is still three or four days away, he told beat reporters. Jason Kidd described the team's practice at PNY Center as "a good practice. Deron looked good."