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Before making an evaluation of Jason Kidd, take a look at his "help"

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

J.A. Adande takes a look at Jason Kidd's first two weeks as an NBA coach --yes, it's only been two weeks-- and says it's too early to evaluate him.  Kidd, as he notes, needs "help," that is some individual performances.

"Kidd needs help. That's not an early review of his first season as a coach. It's a fact of life in basketball. Red Auerbach had Bill Russell and a gaggle of Hall of Famers. Pat Riley had Magic and Kareem. Phil Jackson had Jordan, then Shaq and Kobe. Gregg Popovich has Tim Duncan.

"So far, Kidd doesn't even have a Paul George to make him Frank Vogel."

Adande notes how Deron Williams has been disappointed, as has Kevin Garnett.  Now, he points out, there are injuries, which is limiting anyone's ability to evaluate the team's progress.

"In training camp we didn't have that opportunity and we're trying to do that throughout the season and win ballgames," Kidd said. "It's something that we're trying to do. We're trying to win games, but we've got to get more games under their belt so these guys can play together."

The last two games have been encouraging, each in their own way, but long term it's going to be about how well the new Nets make their mark, Adande believes. It worked for Doc Rivers whose career was turned around by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Could happen again ... but there's no guarantees.