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Roll Call: Nets fall to the Clippers, 110-103

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

RECAP: Good job, good effort: Nets down four starters fall to the Clippers, 110-103 - NetsDaily

GAME THREAD: Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Clippers, 10:30 PM - NetsDaily

2ND HALF GAME THREAD: 2nd Half Game Thread: Nets at Clippers - NetsDaily


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6 D'Andre J. 37
7 Walsh24 36
8 Drago2715 35
9 J Kidd to VC 33
10 netschampions 32
11 Fr@nkl1n 30
12 pooch3 29
13 LuNETic 28
14 fan_from_day_one 27
15 JimNJuice 26
16 Twosevenstreet 25
17 hard2explain 25
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19 allhailharvey 21
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21 Ben Nets 21
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23 Knowledgeiskey424 18
25 BrooklynCeltics 17
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29 Chrisf975 16
30 mr.sprewell 14
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32 Jbller3 14
33 bkeagle718 14
34 dwill8brooklynbound 14
35 ohhcomely 14
36 Chocolate Thunder 21 13
37 QueenzNetsFan 13
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40 bknetsfanatic 12
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44 octoberGR8NESS 11
45 XmikeX 11
46 bklyn2012 10
47 danxcr 9
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49 NJQuestCat 9
50 TakeFive 8
51 William_H_HOLLA 8
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53 Nick Tortoise 8
54 NetsFan4e88 8
55 Endless Paradise 8
56 X37 7
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58 infam0us 6
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61 its_never_tebow_time 6
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# Recs Commenter Comment Link
13 mvmt84 definitely like these lively Nets
10 Walsh24 [no title]
8 hard2explain It's time! UNLEASH THE JEDI
8 NYche21 Hitting open jump shots! What an idea!
8 calling all toasters leggo!
6 The GIF Oracle [no title]
6 GTNets [no title]
6 Walsh24 blatche just like
6 ohhcomely [no title]
6 bronxbombers2 LOL love this
5 LopezTonight Second half!
5 Walsh24 dray
5 NJQuestCat Damn Joe is smooth with those handles...looks like 2k out there
5 rootcactus So we feed the ball to Reggie in the post, but not Blatche?
5 GTNets go back out
5 Net Income too bad Kidd is the worst coach in the NBA.
4 Walsh24 don't forget to throw in the fire extinguisher
4 onclecliffy Reggie intenionally following Jordan is just funny.
4 LopezTonight Let's go Nets!
4 D'Andre J. a miss dunk leads to a run where have have i seen this before
4 NetsFan4e88 [no title]
4 Malorkayel Paul will flop his way to victory... just watch.
4 Walsh24 are you guys ready for the 2nd half!?
4 GTNets no one ever misses against the nets
4 Walsh24 [no title]
4 Endless Paradise "Trade Taylor for some washed up retread who's a 'true' point"
4 Scooby803 who is rec'ing everything?
4 imdkidd Better substitutions today
3 Knowledgeiskey424 just how he was a factor beating the pacers last year with no Dwill
3 fan_from_day_one i ... dont know what to say
3 shane gayle i dont even care if we lose
3 Fr@nkl1n Trade Mirza for a washing machine
3 Drago2715 There should be some repercussion for that.
3 ILikeSports :(
3 Atronic We have 3 benches
3 Drago2715 WOO!!
3 GTNets because theyre terrible ft shooters
3 bronxbombers2 hack a Jordan/Griffin
3 Atronic lol release Taylor
3 GTR11 it's funny how this team has four PF and niether one of them stepped up this year yet
3 TC1210 Blatche likes to be in the perimeter alot
3 pooch3 Thats right Blake, our bench is outplaying you guys
3 CalfROTY who done it?
3 soul driver so far, this Nets team looks better than any other we had out there all season
3 Drago2715 Tyshawn needs to excel in his defense and energy role.
3 calling all toasters ...
3 Sacrifice4Team Jared Dudley
2 Scooby803 even those he's missing the FTs
2 hard2explain Thats right Brook, without you.
2 FireKilldrive some of you are insufferable
2 bronxbombers2 I figured out why we aren't losing
2 JimNJuice What?
2 BrooklynKid19 yes but just not against us
2 netschampions Reggie in for his 6 fouls
2 BrooklynKid19 Why is there a little kid shouting? lol
2 bronxbombers2 shut this little kid up
2 Fr@nkl1n maybe we should move Pierce and KG to the bench
2 Walsh24 [no title]
2 BKNETSFOREVER so if we win
2 Woo Woo Woolverine the bench is the total opposite of the starting lineup lol
2 bronxbombers2 if I have to hear ANYONE complain about them losing Griffin
2 Atronic Anderson sees the Knicks lol
2 D'Andre J. but they lost?
2 CalfROTY Oh yes we can!
2 pooch3 Showing the buzzer beaters in recent years..
2 Walsh24 i hate his face
2 Jbller3 If Kidd runs up and down the court with the team, the Nets could go undefeated
2 NYche21 ND Game Threads:
2 NYche21 [no title]
2 bling890 Time for the Mirza experiment to end, dude doesnt even look like he wants to be out there
2 NYche21 Only chance to win is to jump on them again when they come back out.
2 Walsh24 3rd quarter
2 Twosevenstreet WTMOISO
2 hard2explain [no title]
2 Walsh24 -REF
2 Walsh24 Clips making some shots
2 ghoti I made the mistake of saying I like Toko.
2 QueenzNetsFan what a flop by jordan
2 netschampions We should start a hack a Jordan now that we are in the plenty
2 hard2explain Let's do a drinking game with Blatche's 3pt attempts
2 TC1210 lets worry about the nets
2 Ammar Evans didn't go back up with it
2 BKNETSFOREVER there all offense
2 LJ Hann ohhhhh I'm so happy
2 Drago2715 Mirza either shoots and airball or it rims out.
2 Net Income max verticals in predraft
2 ohhcomely the fans want it
2 bling890 Very nice to see a group of players that actually look like they care about regular season games
2 Versifiervt Why's that shove by Barnes not a technical at least?
2 wiz1732 Taylor doing good so far
2 yvj [no title]
2 BrooklynKid19 I thought that was Skip Bayless for a second lol
2 Drago2715 It's fun because there's no pressure or expectations, lol.
2 LJ Hann is your name a neutral milk hotel reference?
2 Ammar So after the buzzer sounds
2 Scooby803 harsh
2 danxcr u need to break up with her
2 LuNETic I swear if anyone complains about Blatche after this game I'm goin ham.
2 Scooby803 Anderson coming up big so far
2 Atronic Its funny but every NBA game Taylor plays in he plays well
2 NetsFan4e88 [no title]
2 TC1210 more like the behind the back move
2 cheergirl Aren't these west coast games killers? I can't stay up that long.
2 Chocolate Thunder 21 I've never seen so many fans
2 Drago2715 What the hell?
2 ChickenParmCuse1129 Let's go Nets!
2 ohhcomely super impressive
2 NetLoss Here we go..
2 theclair and will most likely end tonight as well.
2 J Kidd to VC TOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 ohhcomely TOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Chocolate Thunder 21 Yep
2 ghoti The Toko era begins tonight.
2 NYche21 [no title]
2 mr.sprewell Yooo that just happened!!
2 Scooby803 miss this
2 allhailharvey Should be an all-star event to have nba's worst free throw shooters have a contest. Spice up the boring weekend.
2 Nick Tortoise Plumlee played great
2 Walsh24 from last year
2 edddd99 Must be nice to have a great point guard.
2 GTNets sarcasm
1 NYche21 OMG we hedged a screen!!!!!!!
1 theclair hopefully hes not in the game long enough to get 6
1 Scooby803 geeez
1 GTNets maybe we can just go 4 on 5
1 NYche21 Timeout.
1 ohhcomely nice!
1 Malorkayel Knicks lost btw...
1 ohhcomely game!
1 JimNJuice Ugh, Griffin lost that clean and they bailed him out with a foul.
1 GTNets if we win tonight we'd make the playoffs if the season ended tonight
1 hard2explain I think he'll eat minutes at SF
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 CalfROTY he is looking good out there
1 NetLoss lol..rec
1 fan_from_day_one lol reggie - oh well
1 NYche21 Evans plays atrocious D.
1 CalfROTY just as many as yesterday
1 hard2explain 1
1 hard2explain Over
1 D'Andre J. 5
1 CinnamonToastCrunch lol @ Blake trying to look
1 LuNETic Moar Plumlee on Griffin pls.
1 cheergirl teach me how to pick....never figured that out (please and ty)
1 ohhcomely there is
1 calling all toasters haha Blatche
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Sweet stroke
1 calling all toasters oracle gif please bite me
1 Scooby803 joke's on you!
1 SonofCoul Come on now a good amount
1 Nick Tortoise Probably doesn't like the transistion defense
1 NYche21 I think I might hate every single player on the Clippers.
1 NYche21 I'm so apathetic about this.
1 AussieNets Not going to get as angry knowing its the bench tonight.
1 Proballxx ...We're playing no D?
1 SonofCoul Good start so far
1 soul driver sounds good!
1 hard2explain Reddick hit a 3
1 bkeagle718 Let him shoot Reggie my god
1 muwu They're the underdogs but the guys there should still be playing hard
1 Drago2715 How so?
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Evans guarding Blake
1 AussieNets yep
1 cheergirl That's so cool. Hope he gets his chance.
1 NYche21 Hope matters...
1 Scorpio25 lookng good so far..
1 J Kidd to VC J3T!
1 CinnamonToastCrunch Knicks orange jerseys
1 Malorkayel I'm getting on this rollercoaster.
1 GTNets lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
1 cheergirl Even Paul? I thought he was well liked.
1 NJQuestCat I find it hilarious how people on here have trashed Tyshawn...
1 mvmt84 I thought automated lazer monkeys were DND today
1 bling890 i think more of the end bench guys need regular minutes going forward for energy and D
1 AussieNets Alan Anderson jumps forward when he shoots, it makes it really easy to draw fouls on jumpshots.
1 Walsh24 bench playing good
1 bklyn2012 Livingston
1 Fr@nkl1n what the heck livingston
1 ohhcomely blatche pump fakes
1 ILikeSports he looks tired
1 theclair 20 rebound game for Reggie tonight. I can feel it.
1 TC1210 Plumlee needs to work on his fts
1 D'Andre J. is this mofo on his phone??????????????
1 netschampions Joe needs to get to work
1 Atronic HAck a griffen
1 JimNJuice Don't know if Mirza is enough
1 Ben Nets our starting PG position is cursed
1 Ammar Win or lose
1 pooch3 Maybe consider Hack a Jordan
1 Walsh24 [no title]
1 Ben Nets whats the other choice?
1 allhailharvey Trade toko and mirza for a six-pack
1 NjCzar94 @oracle gif me joe johnson in 4th quarter
1 SonofCoul I've always enjoyed game threads
1 Ben Nets did ruocco really just say lopez was driven in in a golf cart with an air cast on?
1 infam0us Griffin traveled
1 X37 Can Joe Johnson do it again?
1 NjCzar94 toko needs to sit
1 bronxbombers2 of course that goes in...
1 Ben Nets i think everyone here would have gladly signed up for this performance and this situation we're in now
1 Knowledgeiskey424 we need TT ASAP!!!
1 JimNJuice Suck it Griffin.
1 Netsbuhi le sigh
1 mvmt84 We need JJ to go T-Mac
1 Scooby803 can't believe Blatche didn't get that steal
1 allhailharvey In Joe's name I pray
1 William_H_HOLLA he's gassed
1 bklyn2012 I hope you meant to use your sarcasm font
1 edddd99 One thing this game proved is there is no way the Clippers win a chip this year...
1 NYche21 Meh.
1 Atronic That moving screen BS call smh
1 il temuto REGINALD
1 AMichaeLL it didn't count
1 netschampions He's tired and Jordan is in the paint
1 mvmt84 That should worth 100 points
1 XmikeX [no title]
1 netschampions Once they took out deandre Reggie should've went to the bench
1 pooch3 Blake Griffin has moved on every single screen hes set
1 jeiveecee NO more Mirza pls, hes overrated already.
1 infam0us Yup.
1 Atronic I still don't understand why they doubled Deandre on that post up
1 Atronic Hills have eyes character
1 William_H_HOLLA RIP ):
1 bronxbombers2 you got your wish
1 bkeagle718 It's ok, he'll miss the FT
1 imdkidd No rebounds with this subtitution
1 bronxbombers2 lol Shaun
1 allhailharvey can we put Joe back in
1 A Tribe Called Nets Yep, Reggie Evans is still the worst offensive and defensive player i've ever seen
1 Jbller3 good timeout, kidd
1 Scooby803 anyone else get terrified
1 bronxbombers2 Indiana
1 LuNETic [no title]
1 bronxbombers2 YES
1 bronxbombers2 AA!
1 NDTony Take JJ out. He is tired.
1 infam0us Reggie would push Joe out the way
1 Scooby803 yup we're done
1 bronxbombers2 rebounds aren't the issue
1 LuNETic Eat it, Blatche h8ers
1 bronxbombers2 we lost the 3rd quarter
1 pooch3 That's when you know things are BIZARRE
1 NYche21 What.
1 JimNJuice YOLO Blatche.
1 Fr@nkl1n it's nice to finally see some speed and athleticism
1 Knowledgeiskey424 most fun since pre season
1 Fr@nkl1n how many airballs for Mirza tonight
1 pooch3 I wanna cry everytime we miss a FT
1 SonofCoul Come on now
1 JimNJuice Played absolutely uselessly.
1 Woo Woo Woolverine put tyshawn back in
1 dwill8brooklynbound Smh
1 Knowledgeiskey424 TT doing his job
1 Versifiervt keep it close and still that chance though
1 Walsh24 [no title]
1 domininaldo1981 you notice he didn't stare down Blatche
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 starting lineup positions are incorrect above
1 bkeagle718 Was it Kevin Harts girl?
1 bronxbombers2 oh boy
1 calling all toasters thanks for blocking that OOB
1 Fr@nkl1n lots of nets jerseys in the crowd so far
1 mr.sprewell This game makes me even more sour about the past 5 losses
1 netschampions Joe u can't be missing free throws
1 Njz ViP Chris Paul looking invisible
1 Twosevenstreet yes let Griffin shoot jumpers
1 bronxbombers2 dat Taylor/Livingston defense
1 BKNETSFOREVER he not use to 6'7 pg on him
1 NYche21 JET
1 Ammar He comes alive in the fourth quarter
1 Drago2715 I can't wait to see an unlimited Kirilenko.
1 Atronic Toko lets see something
1 netschampions Tokooooo
1 NYche21 This first half..
1 Chrisf975 The game is on YES also.
1 NETS_FAN97 Toko!
1 imdkidd Toko time!
1 Fr@nkl1n now THAT is good hustle D TOKO
1 allhailharvey Tyshawn is the man. LET YOUR HATE FLOW
1 netschampions When he's healthy
1 Knowledgeiskey424 TOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 bronxbombers2 need it on a night like this
1 OMFG Good 1Q
1 GTNets but the quarter is over
1 Atronic Its not his fault the bench was even yelling
1 Jbller3 This team's better without the other 4 starters!
1 Atronic Plumlee is going to be a player in this league
1 Ammar Plumlee has more alley oops this year
1 NYche21 There's so much more trust on the floor
1 NETS_FAN97 shout out to all the ND posters who believed that
1 Atronic Made no sense kid is young
1 il temuto Plumlee has been something else
1 D'Andre J. Plumlee with the finish
1 bknetsfanatic good rotations, quickness is an asset
1 Drago2715 Griffin looks like a decent enough guy.
1 Drago2715 Terry on Barnes is a terrible matchup.
1 NYche21 TOKO
1 NetsFan4e88 [no title]
1 Drago2715 He's doing the same stuff, but his shots happen to be falling tonight.
1 GTNets might be a true statement
1 FireKilldrive lol mirza
1 netschampions I love plumlee
1 Scooby803 this too
1 D'Andre J. its Brooklyn World order we chanting everywhere we go #bwo
1 fan_from_day_one his first game this season - i'll cut him some slack
1 imdkidd So far
1 NYche21 [no title]
1 mr.sprewell Lets go TT hopefully he proves me wrong tonight, and Dwill will become 3rd on the depth chart.
1 fan_from_day_one MIRZA TO PLUMLLEEEE
1 Endless Paradise It's not going to go unpunished.
1 Chrisf975 TT!!!!
1 Vuchato move Dwill to SG
1 NYche21 Hated him in college.
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 definitely
1 Atronic Taylor out there looking good
1 Scooby803 Taylor's time to shine
1 SonofCoul I think the Nets
1 CalfROTY Mirza getting a block tonight?
1 GTNets he should get called just cause im a nets fan and he clearly shoved him
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 nervousness
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Besides him yelling and waving his hands
1 Endless Paradise Oh, wow.
1 Drago2715 ?
1 infam0us I think he saw Mirza chuck it and thought the clock was expiring
1 AussieNets Not a bad first quarter by the nets.
1 NYche21 Agreed.
1 BKNETSFOREVER their not use to having the ball.
1 Jbller3 not aware of clock
1 NetsFan4e88 [no title]
1 Ammar Tied up
1 infam0us Mirza with two brain farts followed by a Plumlee brain fart
1 NYche21 PG had to take control there.
1 bkeagle718 Let Griffin shoot the jumpers man
1 J Kidd to VC What the hell were those shots by Plum and Tele?
1 NetLoss Maybe a little off topic but..
1 Scooby803 they're getting too many second chances
1 mr.sprewell I wish Blatche gave at least 1 crap
1 GTNets hmmm staples center piping in brooklyn chant
1 dwill8brooklynbound We are so athletic lmao
1 Atronic Terry playing better
1 bknetsfanatic blatche sucks
1 Scooby803 WTF??
1 GTNets did you?
1 Chrisf975 Nice play by Mirza!!!
1 NYche21 Nice.
1 NetsFan4e88 [no title]
1 Drago2715 Yeah, it's fun to have no expectations.
1 D'Andre J. what le f? why did plumlee shoot a 3 and why did mirza take such a bad shot? its mind boggling
1 Scorpio25 sigh, didn't plum realize more time on the shot clock
1 NYche21 Its amazing.
1 Fr@nkl1n mirza whuut were u thinkin
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Let DWill sit a month
1 NothinButNets hahahahaha
1 Chrisf975 Beautiful pass from Taylor there.
1 danxcr i love the EFFORT
1 D'Andre J. everyone saying hes as good as gone they chanted for him to get fired in 2 games hes done
1 Endless Paradise He didn't get fired.
1 D'Andre J. lol i really liked him as coach one of the 3 things i liked about the team now their all gone Lin wasnt resigned,Novak traded, now Woodson fired smh
1 ajv9307 wth clippers are 28 defense rating?
1 JimNJuice Wow, that's actually miserable.
1 cheergirl WOW, I didn't know Woodson got fired. was that today or last night?
1 GTR11 i was wondering in Kidd can dress up tonight
1 cheergirl He's in a boot and can't bear weight. not good
1 Chrisf975 They are just assuming he's going to get fired because a couple fans are the Garden were chanting "fire Woodson."
1 Chrisf975 Easy mistake to make I thought the same thing at first. I was was thinking wth they fired right after their game ended.
1 cheergirl Yeah, I see. Should have read all the comments first. : )
1 calling all toasters Bulls taking it to Indy
1 BKNETSFOREVER they have so far this year
1 SovietBrooklyn Nets game or Andre Ward fight?
1 GTR11 i'm scared to think what Black can do to them
1 ajv9307 wait wat
1 D'Andre J. Well Knicks just got blown out and their coach just got fired Lets hope we can do better #LETSGONETSNATION
1 Fr@nkl1n wuuut did please link to woodson getting fired
1 GTR11 Reggie starting
1 Chakroot Time for the bench to step up.
1 JimNJuice So definitely no Lopez?
1 BKNETSFOREVER wont be upset
1 andy.nets Hopefully we see a lot of Plumlee tonight
1 calling all toasters Play Frank!
1 D'Andre J. i hope they can come through wont be easy though
1 Drago2715 How about fans of teams excited about lottery picks?
1 TC1210 damn livingston has to finish those
1 NYche21 We'll hang with them during the first half
1 CalfROTY who else will he guard :D
1 Scooby803 man reggie cracks me up
1 D'Andre J. Lob fail lol
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Ha
1 Ammar Livingston and Plumlee are playing aggressively
1 Scooby803 just now realizing that Joe Johnson is our only starter playing
1 bkeagle718 Good grief Reggie just plays so anxious
1 mr.sprewell Ok Taylor over under 6 turnovers? I say over
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Way to stand there watching tele
1 GTR11 i think he was measured at 7ft.
1 ajv9307 does DAndreJ crack 6'11
1 GTR11 Kidd should go extra small against Clips
1 ohhcomely yes
1 LJ Hann we've been horrible so far to start the season
1 Ammar We've got the lead!
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Yes, there is
1 GTNets hes guarding deandre
1 ghoti Except that guy has shown a LOT
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 calling all toasters poor Woodson
1 D'Andre J. seems as if Mira will be getting alot of mins tonight Looks like Nd posters prayers have been answered lol Lets hope he comes through and i can see what you guys been begging for
1 soul driver ok..let's play a game...let's take a shot everytime...
1 calling all toasters this season is over
1 cheergirl lol, ok, I'll do my best cause when we win you guys are so HAPPY!!
1 pooch3 This is a big reason why we needed to add a lot of depth this offseason! I Truly believe these guys can do it
1 AussieNets I say 0. He only takes 3 shots.
1 cheergirl For sure, but I've been lazin' around all day. Need a shot of adrenalin!
1 calling all toasters yes
1 cheergirl The injuries from last night are devastating. Can't believe that many players are out....6?
1 cheergirl haha, are you serious? does everyone think they are faking? or you are just kidding?
1 Chrisf975 I have to work a double shift tomorrow so that doesn't mean much to me.
1 AussieNets Or to completely be stuck in the doghouse again.
1 NYche21 [no title]
1 Chrisf975 Plumlee is a beast!! Reggie Evans should never see the floor again.
1 BKNETSFOREVER thats what we need plumlee
1 Scooby803 Taylor beasting
1 GTNets hmmm... wonder why it took so long to get TT on the floor when AA was playing point
1 NYche21 The Plumber is here.
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 bknetsfanatic THE PLUMBLEE!!
1 Drago2715 I'm liking Taylor, man.
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 Scorpio25 the plum man
1 mr.sprewell Woooo
1 Isoplus In the pregame you could see Lopez in the boot. I think you're thinking of Deron.
1 TC1210 Livingston and Taylor need to have some
1 pooch3 He'll be getting some time I can imagine
1 GTNets I'd fall asleep if I'm on the game thread
1 GTNets Watching him d-up griff should be interesting
1 D'Andre J. La live is beatiful at night
1 cheergirl So, the oracle is gone?
1 Scooby803 spoiler alert!
1 cheergirl You are the ND I expect some nice ones asap. You keep me laughing, toasters
1 dwill8brooklynbound Where did you hear this?
1 NYche21 other news
1 calling all toasters oh, right... damn
1 pooch3 Can't force it tonight *
1 JimNJuice No YES feed?
1 Scooby803 JJ about to have a 40 pt game
1 Jbller3 at least it's a Saturday!
1 Chrisf975 Lopez is in a boot. I can't believe it. This blows.
1 D'Andre J. theirs been enough news about this guy lol
1 calling all toasters a rare variety of "guaranteed loss flu" has been going around
1 Jbller3 not really
1 pooch3 Yup, can't it tonight
1 Ammar I love these games
1 pooch3 Oh definitely.. I'm also not to sure about Reggie at C on Deandre Jordan
1 cheergirl hopw you right. I saw him hopping around in pre-game
1 ohhcomely yessir
1 NetsFan4e88 [no title]