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David Thorpe: Jason Kidd "worst coach in the NBA"

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

David Thorpe, speaking with Henry Abbott of ESPN's True Hoop TV, graded the NBA's coaches Friday and clearly ranks Jason Kidd as the NBA's worst.

Here's his commentary, as transcribed by Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game:

He gets an F. He gets a 0. My wife could coach a team to a 29th ranking for that team. She doesn't know much about basketball. He just... his guys, I don't think they have any purpose and passion to what they're doing. I think they're discombobulated. Listen, Henry, he was an amazing player, one of my favorite of all time for a lot of different reasons, but our profession is different from his profession, and to assume that that transition is easy, it's a short bridge, is crazy. He has a long way to go to figure this out. Do I think he'll be better? Will they be better? It seems very likely. But as he's currently doing, he's the worst coach in the NBA.

Thorpe, a former high school assistant coach, has made his mark as a personal training coach for more than a score of NBA players.