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Billy King: unworried and optimistic about Brooklyn Nets

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Jeff Zelevansky

Sam Amick got the first interview with Billy King and reports the Nets GM isn't just unworried but optimistic and believes he sees signs of defensive improvement.  He also likes the job Jason Kidd has done with the team he assembled at a cost of $185 million.

"It's a long, long year," King told Amick "I mean I look at Chicago right now. They're not playing the way they want. Miami's not playing that well, so I think everybody looks at it like, there's 76 games to go, and I'd much rather peak in February and March then now."

King said the Nets defense has been his main concern early on and it's coming around, as are other things.

"I see signs that we're doing the right things," he added. "Our defense is getting better. Deron (Williams) is getting back to being Deron. Once our guys get into game shape and have a better understanding of where each other likes to get the ball, we'll be OK."

On Kidd, he said the rookie coach's communication skills are something people don't see ... and impress him.

"He's been good," King told Amick. "I think what I like about him is that he spends time talking to players individually, and explaining his thought process and (having) them focus on the little things and not the big things. I think that's what good coaches do..."