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Andrei Kirilenko on best and worst nicknames ... He would know

YES asks Andrei Kirilenko for his opinion on nicknames. After all, his "AK-47" ranks right up on their the list of cool monikers. He likes his own and those of teammates Paul Pierce, "The Truth" and Jason Terry, "JET," prefers "KG" to "The Big Ticket" for Kevin Garnett and just loves "The Beard" for James Harden, who he adds looks like "a pirate." He thinks "Black Mamba" doesn't work for Kobe Bryant, thinking "Killer Instinct" might be better, but gives a big yes to "the Big Fundamental" for Tim Duncan.

When asked what he thinks of "The Big Mummy" for Dirk Nowitzki, Kirilenko frowns, looks off into space and offers, "no."