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Fenerbahce still undefeated in Euroleague as Bojan Bogdanovic goes for 20 ... again

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It's getting boring.  Fenerbahce beat JSF Nanterre Thursday in Istbanbul, with Bojan Bogdanovic again scoring 20, on 8-of-15 shooting, including 2-of-6 from deep.  He also grabbed four rebounds and distributed three assists. Fener is now 5-0. Fener lost its first Turkish League game earlier in the week.

Fener jumped out to a quick lead, with Bogdanovic scoring nine points in the first quarter on a quick drive to the basket, a post-up turnaround, a three-pointer and a post-up bank shot.  Fener coach Zeljko Obradovic has been using the 6'8" swingman a lot in the post early in games.

Bogdanovic is averaging 20.2. points per game, one of two European players averaging more than 20.