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Extreme feelings by Nets fans on Twitter after team's 2-5 start

Last night's loss to the Sacramento Kings had Brooklyn Nets fans buzzing... and by buzzing, I mean P.O.'ed. However, there were some that were more patient than others; they just weren't the majority.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, these are the worst of times at the moment for Brooklyn Nets fans. The Nets are coming off a loss to the Sacramento Kings, a team that is still in search of its identity, much like the Nets. Yes, there has been an emphasis on defense, but we're not really seeing the results of that. It's much like when Brook Lopez contested two DeMarcus Cousins shots from the perimeter in the first quarter that went in despite an obvious hand in DMC's face and Cousins shooting off-balance. Sigh.

However, the reaction to last night's infuriating, demoralizing and visceral loss had many fans doing more than sighing - they were ticked. And, Twitter was the soundboard for it. Myself, I was just dumbfounded and a bit more moderate in feeling.

However, there were more extreme feelings about the loss:

But, in the end, let's follow this piece of advice...

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