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Andrei Kirilenko will NOT go West with the Nets

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Andrei Kirilenko is still suffering from back spasms, so he will not make the trip West with the Nets. Kirilenko has suffered from back spasms for much of his career and they seem to come-and-go. Kirilenko sat out the final five preseason games and the team's season opener against the Cavs, playing the team's next four, and missing Saturday's game against the Pacers.

Kirilenko was playing quite well and was hoping to have his minutes restriction lifted, but Saturday morning he faced his troubling injury again. "Yeah, this morning when he woke up, (he had) back spasms," Jason Kidd said about Kirilenko's injury on Saturday.

Since the team is going West for the rest of the week, Kirilenko will miss at least three games before they come home to play the Trail Blazers on Monday.

In just four games this season, Kirilenko is averaging nearly six points, one assist, and three rebounds per game in 13 minutes of action.

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