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Brooklyn Nets meet with Brooklyn Vets


The Nets brought Toko Shengelia and Tyshawn Taylor back from Springfield Monday so they could participate in a special team event.  The organization wanted to field as much of the team as possible for a visit to Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton beneath the Verrazzano Bridge. It was a visit that that brought the team an emotional moment as well as a special bond.

After practicing for two hours in front of 100 soldiers, a representative of the Army presented the team with a special memento.

The moment was one of several at the event which also featured the Nets serving a Veterans Day meal.

"You always hear about players coming to do meet-and-greets at high schools, but for the whole Brooklyn Nets basketball team to come to Fort Hamilton and celebrate Veteran’s Day with us, it’s an absolutely incredible thing,"  Air Force Tech Sgt. Derek Bishop told beat writers.

When asked what his favorite part of Monday’s visit was, Joe Johnson said, "Mingling with the troops and them telling us how they can take us 1-on-1."