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Power Rankings: Dropping and disappointing, particularly Kevin Garnett

Maddie Meyer

Kevin Garnett comes in for some heavy criticism this week in Power Rankings, with one ranker suggesting KG "must just be finished," and others noting that when he's on the floor, the Nets are much worse defensively. It's gotten so bad that Paul Pierce has had to defend his longtime teammate.

It's not a happy compilation with rankings no higher than No. 15 and two all the way down at No. 22. Read them and weep (but don't panic!!)

John Schuhmann, (21)

The Nets are the only team to score a point per possession against Indiana, but the Brooklyn offense has been otherwise uninspiring. They're waiting for Deron Williams to get back his lift and for Andrei Kirilenko to get healthy, but Kevin Garnett has been a serious disappointment thus far. Not only is he shooting 32 percent, but his team has allowed 107.6 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor.

Marc Stein, ESPN (15)

The Knicks' woes can bring only so much satisfaction. It's quite clear that D-Will and especially KG are nowhere near the level they'll have to be for the Nets to ultimately be a playoff factor, but these guys have to be up there on list of early-season disappointments. Whatever the circumstances.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (18)

Nets (2-4, LW 13). Great note by Grantland’s Zach Lowe on twitter: The Nets are 11 points per 100 possessions worse on defense and 6 per 100 worse on offense when Kevin Garnett is on the court. It’s early, but that’s an interesting and troublesome trend.

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! (22)

Brooklyn Nets (2-4; last week's ranking: 15): The Nets are tied with the Knicks and Wizards for the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Garnett is averaging six points and 6.7 rebounds

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (22)

Hello, Brooklyn Anxiety Attack.

Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated (16)

It feels petty to pile on a team that was pasted together during the summer for losing games in November, but the Nets' struggles warrant highlighting. Paul Pierce was held scoreless until overtime of Wednesday's loss to the Wizards, and Kevin Garnett didn't score until 3:40 left in regulation. With the two averaging a combined 19.7 points, lower than Pierce's career average alone, it's clear the Nets haven't figured out how to use the former Celtics properly.

Jason Patt, SB Nation (20)

The Nets are sure to turn things around, but they simply don't look like a very good basketball team at the moment. Kevin Garnett might be just about finished, as he's shooting just 32.1 percent from the field. Or he maybe he's just REALLY pacing himself.

"I think he's still trying to make the adjustment," Pierce told Newsday Monday after a team practice at Fort Hamilton . "He's still getting familiar with the offense and understanding where his shots are going to come from, his minutes played and adjustments."

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