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Pacers didn't panic, so should the Nets?

Maddie Meyer

The Pacers know what the Nets are going through. They went through it last year. They started 2-4 and didn't get two games above .500 until December 15, when they got to 13-11. (Last year's Celtics started 3-3, with losses to Milwaukee and Philadelphia.)

"That team is a lot better than [its record]. Even the games they lost they’re competing at a really high level. … They play with playoff intensity," Pacers coach Frank Vogel told Fred Kerber.

"They’re a good team. It’s early. It’s going to take a while for them to adjust," Roy Hibbert said. "When we come back [to Brooklyn], it’s going to be a tough environment. They’re a tough contender right there. I don’t see them having to continue the slow start."

Lance Stephenson agreed, telling our Dexter Henry, "They got a lot of pieces and a great bench. They're pretty good. But I'm just happy we got the win."

Kerber writes, "Funny, when a Pacer says it takes time, it sounds like an explanation. When a Net talks time, it sounds like an excuse. Bottom line, it’s reality."