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Stephenson: I dreamed of an NBA team in Brooklyn

Lance Stephenson loves his Pacers, but as he tells Dexter Henry, the Nets are the realization of a dream for a Brooklyn baller.

"When I was young, I always dreamed for an NBA team to be in Brooklyn and now it's really happening," said Stephenson who broke the New York State high school scoring record at Lincoln on Coney Island. Indeed, when first word of the Nets moving broke, Stephenson was 13.

But Stephenson wouldn't go along when Dex asked if he would like to play for his hometown team.

"Aw you can't ask me that question," said a smiling Stephenson. "The future holds itself but I love my team, I love the Pacers. I would love to stay with my team. I'm happy with my team."

The Nets did indeed look at the 6'5" swingman after his freshman year at Cincinnati, but a history of off-court issues soured Nets scouts who feared those issues would be worsened if he stayed close to home.

Stephenson had praise for Isiah Whitehead, Lincoln's latest star, and for his choice of Seton Hall.

"He picked a great school. I think he'll do great there. He's the next one coming up. He's got that mentality, that aggressiveness that toughness that CI (Coney Island) players have," Stephenson told Dex, who covers a lot of high school ball in Brooklyn.