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John Schuhmann: Jason Kidd should play Mirza Teletovic

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Matthew McQueeny, the former Nets in-house beat writer, John Schuhmann talks about a lot of issues surrounding the Nets: pushing Deron Williams to be great again, getting Joe Johnson open, keeping Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett healthy.  But the deep stats writer focused a lot of attention on Mirza Teletovic and how the Nets need to take advantage of his "incredible shooting" when open. He suggests Jason Kidd play Teletovic with the first unit when KG goes out.

Here are some excerpts...

"I want to see them give Teletovic a shot. If they did the same tack that the Celtics did with KG,and have him sit at the five minute mark, that's when I would bring in Teletovic.

"Let him play off the other starters, He is an incredible shooter when he's open. But I don't necessarily like him with the second unit where there are not other guys creating shots for him.

"I'd actually like to see him on the floor, playing with Pierce and with Williams and with Lopez, where they draw double-teams and now he's the open guy and he can really kill defenses that way. If he's in the second unit with Livingston and Terry, he's not going to get the open looks. To maximize his potential, you need to put him in with with other good players on the floor. His defense is a huge, huge question, and Reggie can get offensive rebounds which is another element, but I want to see them give him a shot. The guy can really shoot nd in this day and age, three point shooting, floor spacing is becoming more important in this league.

"If he misses two , I wouldn't necessarily yank him and say see you next week. That was the problem last year.

Schuhmann, who does advanced stats for, also spoke of how the key to the Nets season is likely to be Williams, who didn't look like an elite point guard his first two years with the team -- his half season in 2011 through the first half of last season.