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It's on ... Nets head into big game healthy and ready

Jason Miller

Deron Williams and Andrei Kirilenko will be on minutes restrictions --D-Will at maybe 30, AK-47 at 12 to 14-- but otherwise, the Nets are ready and want the Heat ... now.

The challenge of course is not just meeting the Heat but beating them. The Nets haven't done that in the last 13 times they've met. It's that kind of record that encourages doubters ... well, that and the other reasons so often cited: the age issue and the inexperience issue in the coach's seat.

Ian O'Connor is one. He has no problem with the trade or the hiring of Kidd, but sees risks, citing as have so many others, the Lakers' experience last season (despite the obvious differences).  He concludes that "the aged Pierce and Garnett are unlikely to score an upset for the ages over Miami when it matters most."

We shall see.