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Brooklyn Nets set goals for the season, including "for owner not to get married"

Oh that Shaun Livingston. When Alyonka Larionov asked each of the players to write down their goals this season, he didn't write to win a ring, like most of this teammates. Instead, he wrote "for my owner not to get married." As every Nets fans knows, Mikhail Prokhorov said he'd get married if the Nets don't win a championship in the next two years.

Clever, subtle.

Three of the players wrote in their native languages, Russian for Andrei Kirilenko; Croatian for Mirza Teletovic, Georgian for Tornike Shengelia. Alonyka gets help from each.

Deron Williams wrote simply, "to win a chip." Brook Lopez was just as simple, "win a championship." Tyshawn Taylor was more personal, "Play and be good." Paul Pierce took the most time. His goal: "to have a big parade in the city after we take home the trophy." He then added a drawing, apparently from memory.