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Quotes from Game 1 of Preseason

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


On the game:

"Overall, I thought everyone competed from the start to the end. Those guys at the end played their butts off, and that just shows that everybody is on board."

On the Nets:

"I thought they looked good. They’re sharing the ball, they had a lot of great looks. I thought the second group got us going defensively, and that became a game within a game for those two teams…That’s something with this team—the way we’re built, we’re deep. We should always be fresh on the defensive end."

On how the team is coming together:

"Shaun (Livingston), I thought, ran the ship well. Everybody was communicating. It seemed like we’d been together a little bit longer than we have, but again everybody is trying to do the right thing. Brook (Lopez) looked great on the inside, and we had some great looks around the perimeter that we normally would make, but we’ll live with the shots that we’re getting."

On coaching his first NBA game:

"I felt great. I just got up to stretch a couple times. But the guys, again, they’ve been working hard, and this was a demonstration of what they’ve been doing against each other, to come out and play an opponent, a very talented team in Washington, and defensively hold them under 40 percent."


On the game:

"It was cohesive. The things we have been working on for the last two weeks, it’s all coming together. You put it up against another system and see what it does. It was an entertaining game, but for the most part everything was cohesive."

On playing with Brook Lopez:

"I’m just in awe a little bit. I’m being honest with everybody. His skill level is impressive. I haven’t been around a skill level like that versus playing with, I don’t think ever. It’s an adjustment for me, just making sure I’m keying in on that and making sure the two of us are on the same page. Impressed is a word that jumps right out."

On seeing Jason Kidd coaching in a game environment:

"It was weird. I’ll be honest, seeing him in his little tight suit and drawing up plays. It was good. We are trying to be whatever ‘J’ (Kidd) needs us to be. I’m glad we were able to get a win for him and better yet get better tonight. I thought we got better tonight."


On the game:

"Everyone was excited to be out there. I thought for the first game it was pretty good. I think we are very confident where we are offensively, in terms of just sharing the ball, moving on the floor, just playing basketball. We will continue to grow that way. Our major focus is defense."

On his game:

"Our team is so fortunate when you look at our starting lineup. It can come from anywhere, any night. It depends on whoever gets going, they have the respect of everyone on the floor and we play through that person. We have so many people who can score and the same people are unselfish and great team players and can move the ball well. It’s a great situation for us."

On his health:

"I do feel stronger out there. It helped me in all the right places. It didn’t hinder me at all getting up and down the floor. It’s exactly where it should be. I made it through training camp with no problems and it felt great tonight."


On his first game as a Brooklyn Net:

"I honestly didn’t even think about it. I’m part of the Brooklyn Nets. I’ve just been practicing. I didn’t think about it."

On Brook Lopez:

"He (Brook Lopez) looked good. That’s what we are going to try and do night in and night out. Establish our inside game. We feel like we have an advantage there each and every night. He’s one of the young best centers in the league. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with."