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New Yorker: Brooklyn Nets leading NBA's international drive

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The New Yorker this week examines the NBA's drive for internationalization and finds a New York team at the center of it all. And it's not the Knicks, who despite having all the advantages have virtually ignored the international market.  Of course, it's the Nets.

Sam Riches lays out in his opening paragraph...

The Nets’ C.E.O., Brett Yormark, recently travelled to China and Russia to meet with local executives. ("We want to be the home N.B.A. team in Beijing," he told Bloomberg TV. "I just got back from Moscow yesterday, and we want to be the home N.B.A. team in Russia.") In August, Brook Lopez, the Nets’ starting center, took part in coaching clinics in Singapore. Kevin Garnett, a forward, travelled to China last month to promote a signature shoe with a Chinese sportswear company.

The Nets are the NBA's first true international team with an international owner in Mikhail Prokhorov and international management in chairman Chris Charlier (France) and top brass in Irina Pavlova and Dmitry Razumov (Russia) They all understand the value of making it big internationally, as does the league.

Riches details why the NBA needs the NBA to flourish overseas and what opportunities there are.

Meanwhile, as if on cue, Yormark tweeted Tuesday from England about his latest international push.