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Nets taking page from Nuggets offensive playbook

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets spent a lot of time last week in North Carolina working on defense. There was a lot of video of Lawrence Frank working with the bigs on rotations. There's been a lot of talk about how the Nets want to be known for their defense.

But what about the offense?

Deron Williams said at his Media Day press conference that he expects to run. ""We're going to run. I'm going to run and push the ball. I hope they run with me, he said, flashing a smile.

Alex Raskin writes Monday about the offense through the prism of the man who will be playing the role of Frank when the offensive drills start: John Welch, the long-time assistant to George Karl in Denver.  Welch is, in essence, the Nets offensive coordinator. Raskin talked to one Net, camp invite Gary Forbes, who thinks he recognizes something. Forbes, who played under Karl and Welch, said what little offense he's seen is "definitely" similar to the Nuggets' "run-and-gun" style, he said.

Raskin lays out the differences between the Nets offense, designed by Avery Johnson, and what the Nuggets ran.

"[The Nets] ranked 28th in the NBA last year with only 91.2 possessions per game. The Nuggets, by contrast, pushed the tempo and finished at 97.8 possessions per game (second in the NBA). In addition to being faster, the Nuggets were also more efficient than the 2012-2013 Nets, outscoring them by 3.6 points per 100 possessions."

The Nuggets, Raskin writes, also got a lot more easy shots, a lot more pick and rolls reminiscent of how D-Will ran the Jazz. "It will be a great option once I get out there," said Williams.