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Andray Blatche tries out his Euro-step ... on Fifth Avenue

Mike Stobe

Andray Blatche is a fun-loving guy. He probably loved fun a little too much with the Wizards and wound up being amnestied in 2012, with no team willing to take him on, despite his obvious talent and youth.  He used that as motivation last season after Billy King and Avery Johnson gave him a chance to redeem his career.

But he still loves that fun. On Sunday, he posted a short Instagram video of him practicing his Euro-step ... on Fifth Avenue ... in the middle of the day.  The technique was lacking but for comedic value, it was unsurpassed.  Of course, this being New York, no one on the avenue seems to notice or care.

As for his real career, Blatche seems bigger and more committed, according to team insiders. "Andray has been very good," said one.