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And if Jason Kidd screws up again, then what?


Mike Vaccaro writes a thoughtful column Sunday about the Nets' head coach, not so much about his great career or his great challenge going from playing to coaching. Instead, he writes about what happens if Kidd screws up personally, has another incident like the one a year ago when he wrapped his SUV around a utility pole, an accident that could have killed him or others if it involved another vehicle.

While noting that Kidd has a history of learning from his mistakes, Vaccaro writes....

"This is the question: What happens when he suffers a lapse of judgment or wisdom now that he’s a boss, now that he’s in charge of a roster of highly evolved professionals, now that he’s being paid for that very same judgment that has been shown wanting every now and again across a very public basketball life?"

Note that Vaccaro doesn't write "if" Kidd has another lapse of judgment, but "when." Nor does he quite answer the question, but suggests that the lesson in all of this was evident the other day when Kidd brought his ex-teammate Rodney Rogers to camp. Rogers is paralyzed from the neck down after an ATV accident, "a reminder of just how fickle these wonderful basketball lives can be, how quickly it can all be stolen away, even when the only mistake you make, as Rogers did, was falling off a disagreeable vehicle." In other words,accept how fortunate you are and live accordingly.