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Star of Brooklyn Nets' "movie night" turns out to be one of their own

After the Nets finished watching a sneak peak of "Captain Phillips," a Tom Hanks vehicle on the 2009 rescue of a ship captain off Somalia in 2009, they got a lesson on the real events from Fred Galloway, their deputy director of security. Galloway, who had joined the Nets last season, had been part of the rescue. Using his laptop, Galloway showed the team pictures of the rescue.and explained how it went down.

Galloway, an NYPD detective who worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, had been dispatched to the region.The US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama was the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years.The US Navy SEALS ultimately rescued Phillips and killed the pirates who held him.

"A lot of guys said, 'I didn't know that. I've got a lot more respect for you now,''' Galloway told Lenn Robbins. "I'm glad to be here, part of the entertainment business. Because in the entertainment business, there's room for mistakes. Where I come from, there was no room for mistakes.''

Tyshawn Taylor was impressed.

"This is real hero stuff right here,'' said Taylor. "The stuff I do is cool. Not too many people, I guess, can play at the level I can play, but what he does is a whole different ball game."

It's no wonder Mirza Teletovic recently told the Bosnian media that one of the best parts of his rookie season was listening to the stories told by Galloway and Nets security director Bob Masiello, both NYPD veterans.