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Brooklyn Nets end Duke stay even more optimistic than when they left Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets/Billy King

The Nets were filled with optimism when they left Brooklyn for Duke and seemed to have even more now as they packed up to head home.

"We're together. And not just on the court - everyone's been getting together for dinner at night," said Jason Kidd added that the best news out of the camp is that there were no injuries (although Deron Williams and Jason Terry were "limited" and Toko Shengelia is still rehabbing from his knee surgery back in August.)

Kidd also had a good word for Mirza Teletovic. “Mirza is shooting the ball well here. We know that he can do that, and we’ve got to make sure we can get him on the defensive end to help. He’s learning our concepts. It’s a little bit different than something he’s probably used to, but he’s giving the effort."

"We've got great size, great experience, great versatility. There are a ton of ways we can play," said Paul Pierce. "We've got a 2nd team that on most teams would start. So you've got 2 starting units pushing each other every day."

In fact, said Pierce, Saturday was the first time the starters (without D-Will) beat the reserves.

Bobby Marks called it a "great week of camp" and the team is "excited to get home." The Nets travel to Washington Monday for Tuesday night's preseason opener.

As to who's surprised --someone always does-- Williams said the young players have handled the week well, particularly Tyshawn Taylor, for having a good week. Taylor played with the starters a lot of the week.  It's not clear if he will start Tuesday (and probably next Saturday) or that the Nets wanted to keep the reserves intact, with Shaun Livingston at the point on the second unit. Kidd said both Taylor and Livingston have improved since last season.

There were a number of other revelations during the week: the team is in good shape. Two of the three centers, Brook Lopez and Andray Blatche, are bigger and stronger, and the players like each other.