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Mason Plumlee doing well, but likely headed to Springfield

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Plumlee is probably the best athlete on the Nets. It's between him and Tyshawn Taylor. On Draft Night, Chad Ford called him the most athletic seven-footer not named Nerlens Noel. His 36" vertical is six inches greater than DeAndre Jordan's.

But he's still learning the NBA game, particularly the offense. He hit exactly two jump shots last year at Duke, for example. So he's spending a lot of time at his old practice facility practicing his jumper.

"That’s coming along well," Plumlee said of his developing jump-shot. "I've gotten a lot of reps this off-season. Just something that’s comfortable now."

He's gotten some praise from the team's vets ... and his first pro coach.

"He’s 7 feet. Anything by the basket, he’s ready," said Jason Kidd, who spoke to ESPN's David Rieder. "He wants to get better, and he has a chance. We have a great one in him."

But just as Plumlee is benefiting from playing with so many veterans, the 23-year-old is going to see limited minutes at least in the NBA for the same reason: it's crowded upfront.  His GM thinks he could see a lot of time in Springfield with the Armor, where he'll likely dominate.

"I think Mason has done a good job being a rookie and not getting in the way of the veterans and listening to them," Billy King told "For him to have Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Brook Lopez, those guys can show him the right way to be a pro. It's going to help him for his long-term career. It's a great upside and the foundation for him will continue. This year, he'll have a chance. we're deep. But I think he'll play a lot of time in the D=League.  If the opportunity arises, I'm sure he'll play for us as well."