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Jason Kidd on his suspension: 'You have to be more responsible'


Earlier today we learned that the NBA has suspended Nets head coach Jason Kidd for the first two games of the regular season, meaning he'll miss opening night on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the team's home opener against the Miami Heat.

Kidd's suspension comes after he pled guilty for driving while impaired in July, 2012, and earlier in the day Billy King acknowledged that the suspension is consistent with league policy, and later, after practice, Kidd first spoke of the suspension after practice at Duke University. Rod Boone of Newsday has the quote.

As for who will step in for the first two games, Kidd was "non-commital," according to Rod Boone.

It is expected, indeed, that Frank will coach the team over the first two games. We'll continue to monitor and update as more comes in.

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