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Barclays sued for racism by black luxury box owners

Jason Szenes

Three staffers of Ludwig's Pharmacy in Brooklyn are suing Barclays Center management, claiming to be the target of racism and citing a series of incidents that took place in recent weeks.

According to the suit, as reported by the New York Post, Barclays staffers have accused them of skipping out on bills, ignoring their food and drink orders and even dispatching security guards to investigate their box.

Pharmacy staffers Glen DeFreitas, Sean Scarborough, and Jermaine Pratt claim that they’ve been singled out for the shoddy treatment because they are black. In one incident, they claim a Nets executive questioned why they were in the suite area.  The Post reports...

"Why are you always here?" the executive reportedly asked, according to the suit. "You’ve been coming here a lot."

The suit seeks $4 million in damages.