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We Want Answers: Breakouts, Ball Movement and the Bench

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Welcome to the second "We Want Answers" here on Before I get started with answering your questions from Twitter, please check out the short video below. It basically touches on making this a little more interactive utilizing this thing called, technology. It was filmed in location from my son's room while I look grimy. Sort of reminds me of that MTV Cribs episode with Redman. Anyway, peep this: So, send those questions over and I'll compile them all in a video. Same with the answers to NDWWA's Question of the Week (see below). Let's make this a super dope thing to show the world how much passion we have for our Brooklyn Nets! Otherwise, the Knicks fans win. Let's keep it going with this week's questions from Twitter:

Well, let's first define, "breakout." To me, it's a player that hasn't really been put into the forefront of the general public's mind. So, someone like Brook Lopez immediately springs up because, outside of Nets fans and Shaquille O'Neal, there aren't too many people giving Lopez daps for his production. However, there are enough people that know who Bropez is, so I won't choose him. Neither will I choose obvious players like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson or Deron Williams.

So, I'm going Mirza Teletovic. Sure he's known across the Atlantic, in fact, is quite known. But, we'll keep it domestic and say he hasn't exactly broken out just yet. Teletovic may have some trouble finding the burn on the court that he may want, but his head coach knows that Teletovic can be a weapon for this squad. He's a stretch-four player, and despite the less-than-stellar stats last season in limited minutes, I have every belief that he can get down with the get down in 2013-14. There's less pressure on him to perform and the team has, seemingly, direction - from the coaches to the players. No knock on last season's squad, but I'm just saying. Plus, the fire and fight that Teletovic showed during a preseason practice against teammate Andray Blatche had me thinking, "Okay. The man is ready to do work."

Well, I'm not one of the coaches, but I'll give this a try. Most definitely, ball movement. You're talking about Jason Kidd, one of the best at moving the ball to ever play this game, and obviously, he was very successful in that type of offense. However, I'm a big fan of the triangle offense and considering how much Kevin Garnett likes to work from the stripe, as well as his vision and ability to pass, running a triangle set with him in the high post will be very successful. Being able to stick that J too? Deadly.

Just from the naked eye and not going deep into analytics, pick and rolls or pick and pops could work nicely with the personnel the Nets have. Almost every wing player for the team can pass the ball well and the Nets' big men can hit from the perimeter, although, we all hold our breath when Dray is within the vicinity of the three-point line. Honestly, any offense will be better than the ball-stopping isos run last season. Once this team gels and offensive sets are crisp, this team is going to be tough to handle.

There are two solid players that immediately jump out - Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry, with the latter being a former NBA Sixth Man of the Year. One is a jack-of-all-trades type, while the other is a master at getting buckets from the outside. I also want to throw out Blatche's name because I think he's going to be effective because with his skill set and I'll assume KG in his ear, he could be frightening on the hardwood. However, I only have one answer to give, and that's the dude with the gun nickname that we can't say out loud like it's saying, "Voldemort."

The most effective player off the pine needs to be Kirilenko. He's the type of defensive stopper with his length that can bother superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. He can check players up high and squabble down low. On offense, plays don't need to be called for him in order for him to be effective. Offensive taps, a pass off penetration and the occasional make from the land of triples - Kirilenko does a little bit of everything. However, it's his D that the team needs from him.

That's it for this week's edition of "We Want Answers." Thank you to the three dudes above for tweeting me their questions and I hope we can get even more sent our way and really blow up #NDWWA. If you send a video for me to compile into one cool video, just remember to give us consent in the beginning. I'll be sure to edit that part out. And now...

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