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D-Will dishes on Brooklyn parades, J-Kidd and his rivalry with Raymond Felton


Not getting ahead of ourselves here, but Deron Williams told Michael Kay that if the Nets win it all this season, the victory parade will be in Brooklyn.

"It’s gotta be in Brooklyn. Don’t even ask. It would be in Brooklyn. It’s gotta be, we got Brooklyn on our chests. You got to. I think we’ll touch a little bit in Manhattan, I don’t know," Williams told Kay on YES Network's "Center Stage."

The interview, which airs after the post-game show Wednesday, also deals with D-Will's "Welcome to the NBA" moment.  It involved his first meeting with Jason Kidd, his boyhood idol ... and now of course his coach.

"I remember my first time playing against him, it was like, kind of my, you know, ‘I’m here’ moment," said Williams. "I think I was on the free throw line, or, somebody was shooting a free throw, and I think he came up and stood by me and said something to me. And it’s just like, dang, you know, I’m in the NBA. You know, and I’m playing against my idol. So, it was cool."

D-Will also reveals that his personal rivalry with Raymond Felton predates the two point guards' arrival in New York.

"I wanted to go to North Carolina growing up. That was my dream school. I was just a North Carolina guy. My mom was a North Carolina fan as well. They didn’t recruit me. They recruited Raymond Felton," Felton was a top three recruit, Williams a top 40.  The Tarheels beat the Illini in the national championship game in 2005.