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Nets selling space on Barclays Center court

Darren Rovell reports Monday that the Nets are offering to sell space alongside the playing floor of Barclays Center to corporations who want to see logos on local television broadcasts of games. Cost is $2 million to start.

Rovell cites an ad in this week's Crain's New York Business: "You've always dreamed of playing in the pros and here's your chance to get on the court," wrote Nets CEO Brett Yormark, in a letter in the ad. "Make the call now. Rookie salaries start at $2,000,000." The headline of the full-page ad reads, "Be a part of our bench."

It's part of a trial balloon being launched by the NBA to see what interest there is around the league. The Pacers have already sold out-of-bounds space, Rovell reports.

"We're not giving this away to an existing partner," Yormark told "We think this has great appeal to a global partner looking to launch their brand."

There are many restrictions to selling this space, which the NBA is allowing just for this year and will evaluate its potential when the 2013-14 season is over, reports Rovell. Corporate logos can be on either or both sides but no more than 60 square feet in length.

Also, the logos can only appear during local telecasts which for the Nets means 32 games.

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