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Ian Eagle thinks Kevin Garnett holds the key to Nets success

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Eagle tells' YES Network colleague Lou DiPietro that Kevin Garnett holds a somewhat unique position among NBA players --his teammates don't want to disappoint him-- and that makes KG the "X-factor."

"It’s rare that players on a team don’t want to let another player down," Eagle said. "Normally, that’s reserved for the coach-player dynamic – Gregg Popovich in San Antonio is an example in my mind where the players don’t want to let him down – but Garnett is the rarity now in that he brings that whole feeling as a player; I think the guys on this team realize that there’s a small window of opportunity, and they need to handle their business the right way..."

Garnett must recognize that "he’s not in his prime and the ultimate goal is what this team is able to accomplish come playoff time." Thus, he must agree to go along with his coach's time management plan.

As for Jason Kidd, Eagle says its about the long haul as much as it is anything else. "Over the course of an 82-game season, a head coach has to establish a certain rhythm with his team, and if you’ve never done it, that’s something you have to experience before you know how you’re going to handle certain situations."

Bottom line: Eagle thinks that the buzz now is higher even than the early part of last decade when the Nets went to the Finals in back-to-back years.