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President Obama visits Brooklyn, says Pierce and Garnett "can still play"

Brooklyn Nets

President Obama visited a Brooklyn high school Friday, shouted out, "Hello Brooklyn," and took a few seconds to take note of the Nets off-season moves, endorsing the acquisition of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett by saying "old people can still play."

"When I was living here, Brooklyn was cool, but not this cool." added the President, who lived in the borough while a student at Columbia.

"Barclays Center hadn't been built yet," Obama said, adding that Pierce and Garnett are playing for the Nets. "That's a lesson to young people that old people can still play. We've still got some gas in the tank."

The President played basketball in high school, winning the Hawaii state championship at Punahou High School in Honolulu. He has occasionally hosted NBA players for pick-up games at the White House court. Pierce and Garnett were among many NBA players who endorsed Obama in 2008,

President Obama visited Pathways in Technology Early College High School to deliver a speech on education and endorse Bill DeBlasio for mayor.