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Might Deron Williams play against the Miami Heat in Brooklyn's preseason finale?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's possible, but not probable, that Deron Williams will play in Friday's preseason finale against the Miami Heat. That's the report coming out of Nets' practice this morning.

Here's New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy with the report:

As Bondy noted in his piece this morning, Williams has not yet been officially ruled out for Friday night against the Heat, but it's not likely that he'll play. The question really is, as Bondy notes, is whether or not Williams will play in the Nets' regular season opener on October 30 against the Cavaliers.

But, again, it is encouraging to see Williams playing five-on-five, as Andrew Keh notes.

It's likely we won't hear anything about D-Will's status for Friday until we wake up tomorrow morning and get a full report on how Williams feels.

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