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We Want Answers: Introduction and Instruction

We've given NBA writer -- and Nets fan -- Dennis Velasco a space here on NetsDaily to interact with you, the fans, in a weekly community-driven space. We're hoping you guys can help him create a feature driven by the topics and things you all want to talk about.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Hello. Greetings. Salutations. Howdy. And an overall, yo. I'm Dennis Velasco AKA DV, the newest writer here at NetsDaily. I've been given the task of connecting more with Brooklyn Nets fans, such as you fine folks, and like a high school geek being asked to prom by an artificial life force, I said no doubt. Yes, a geek would never say, "no doubt," but I'm gonna keep it hood up in here. Not really.

So, how do we connect more? Every Thursday during the season, we'll be publishing your wise and undoubtedly smart queries and my, hopefully somewhat intelligent, answers. Follow me on Twitter - @dv140 - and mention me in a tweet asking your question every Monday and Tuesday. I'll pick several questions to answer and link back to your Twitter usernames. Oh, and let's be cool kids and use the hashtag - #NDWWA - which stands for NetsDaily We Want Answers. Man, I'm a genius!

My first foray of official ND interaction is in the video below, taken at the Nets open practice. I was fortunate enough to meet @BiggHall, @wbernardez79, @fly_withJC and @mgbushwick1, who were kind enough to answer my questions. Also in the video are three others: a Knicks fan, an owner of a Nerlens Noel flat top and a kid that I sat next to. Actually, I sat next to his mom who was helpful in that motherly way with one of the questions in the video. Right.

Moving forward, it may be a bit different since I'll be the one answering questions, but if we could continue to get your opinions that would be awesome. Consider "We Want Answers" to be a work in progress, as if it's a slab of stone and we're just chiseling away at it. In the end, not only will we have a stronger NetsDaily community, but we'll have some amazing delts too.

That said, any and all suggestions are welcomed. And, if anyone wants to send a link to their T.O. dance, do it by tweeting it out (don't forget the super cool #NDWWA in there). If you want to send me a file to put into a video compilation, check my profile and find my e-mail.

This is all new and exciting, much like this Nets team! As a wise man once said: touch it and see what happens.

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