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No starters, no dice: Nets fall to the Celtics in what truly was a pre-season game, 101-97

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets were without Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson and Andrei Kirilenko, as they lined up against the Boston Celtics in what would be a, well, pre-season-y preseason game.

Without any of their starters, the Nets stayed close throughout, but were unable to come away with a win over the Celtics, losing 101-97.

Jason Terry made his Nets debut, starting at shooting guard, and finishing the night with seven points on 3-of-7 shooting (1-of-5 from three) in 24 minutes.

Andray Blatche played like, well, Andray Blatche. He took two threes in the first six minutes of the game -- one of which was at the end of the shot clock, so, yeah. Overall, he treated this as a preseason game, one in which he probably felt like he shouldn't have been playing in. He finished with 14 points on 5-of-15 shooting (2-of-6 from three), with five rebounds in 24 minutes.

Mason Plumlee got the start at center but didn't play particularly well. Or, I should say, he wasn't all that aggressive on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively he had some nice hustle moments, but really he seemed a bit out of sync. There was a lob late in the first half from Blatche that Plumlee essentially watched sail over his head and hit off the backboard. Yes, he's still finding his groove with this team, and that was pretty evident tonight against the Celtics.

Tyshawn Taylor returned to action, and actually played well. He was aggressive on offense, scoring 15 points, and showing that his ankle is well healed.

Vitro Faverani looked great for the Celtics, finishing with 15 points, seven rebounds and six blocks. Again, no MarShon Brooks and very little from Kris Humphries, who played just five minutes. Gerald Wallace had 12 points, four assists and six turnovers in 33 minutes.

This game was nothing more than a tune-up for the reserves, a chance for guys at the end of the bench to showcase their talent, and an opportunity for Terry to get back out on the court. Nothing more, really. The emotion, the drama, that'll wait until the Nets return with Pierce and Garnett in the starting lineup on January 26.

Next up for the Nets, Friday night in Miami against the Heat.

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