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Brett Yormark: Nets' goal is to "own New York"


It started with Paul Pierce saying it was time for the Nets to "run New York." Now, Brett Yormark doesn't just want to "run" New York, but "own" it.

Asked by Michael Kay if the Nets wanted to own New York, Yormark first noted that the original goal was to "be in the conversation," then raised the stakes.

"I think what Billy King did this summer was incredible and slowly we are becoming the conversation," said the Nets CEO. "There's a lot of anticipation for this team. We've got incredible star power. And I think the goal right now is to own New York and I think we're looking, hoping to do that."

Yormark called the Nets starting lineup "somewhat surreal."

On business issues, Yormark said the Nets had sold "over 12,000 full season" tickets (a slightly different way of saying "almost 13,000," as Nets officials had been saying.) "We anticipate selling out every night. That's always been the goal moving to Brooklyn."

Yormark also disclosed some data on the Islanders-Devils preseason game at Barclays Center last month.  He said 23 percent of the sold out crowd came from Long Island, and 24 percent from Brooklyn.

Yormark also said there will be little reconfiguration of the arena for the Islanders --"nothing big"-- other than a "built out locker room campus" and "some premium seats."

"For the most part, what the fans see is what they will see when the Islanders arrive." he added.

As for rumors that the Islanders could arrive for the 2014-15 season, Yormark was a bit cagey. "Never say never, but right now, the plan is 15-16." 

He also seemed to break some news on the Nets in Nassau.  He said the Nets will play "a couple of preseason games" there. Previously, he and others had talked about a "single preseason game."