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No starters vs. Boston Celtics

At today's shootaround the Nets' beat reporters tweeted out that Brooklyn's entire starting lineup will get the night off tonight against the Boston Celtics in the team's second-to-last preseason game.

Yesterday it was reported that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will sit, along with Deron Williams who is expected to miss Friday's game as well, but earlier today we learned that Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson will join them.

As for who will start tonight against the Celtics, well, here's a good guess.

Again, it's only a guess, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's the lineup Kidd runs out there.

Resting the starters will allow for the bench/role players -- note, Andrei Kirilenko will also miss tonight's game -- to showcase their talent as the season is just one week away.

Finally, the photo used in this piece is the regional coverage photo for Sports Illustrated's upcoming NBA PreviewIssue. The issue will go on sale this week. It just seemed appropriate to use in this case since, well, all five of those guys are not playing tonight.

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