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King: The buck(s) stops here


In an article on how GMs' try to calibrate their owners' expectations, Ric Bucher reveals there is a limit to Mikhail Prokhorov's spending ... and it has been reached.

"Prokhorov’s largesse apparently does have a limit," Bucher writes for Bleacher Report, quoting Billy King. "if anybody goes down, there will be no replacements signed even on a minimal contract."

Indeed, if the Nets dumped one of their minimum contracts and did nothing more than substitute another minimum deal, it could cost them up to $10 million

Bucher also writes that King came up with the formula for acquiring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry while on a train from Philadelphia to New York. Prokhorov, King said, "green-lighted" the idea. It may have been a bit more complicated than that, but whatever. Unlike many owners, it's not about profit and loss for Brooklyn. It's about the highest expectation.