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Metal detectors back at Barclays Center

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a disastrous experience with metal detectors last year, Barclays Center abandoned them and had security personnel use wands to move people through the main entrance. Now, apparently pushed by the NYPD and NBA security, the magnetometers are back.

They showed up again before the Nets preseason game vs. the Heat and required for any access to the arena, including to buy tickets, something that fans told the Post was unnecessary and demeaning.

"We believe that walk-through magnetometers will even better serve our guests in providing a safer environment," Yormark told the Post. "With the support of New York law-enforcement experts and NBA security [officials] we have decided to utilize walk-through magnetometers at all events."

Last season, the use of metal detectors slowed fans who went to the Jay=Z concerts and were gone by the Barbra Streisand concern. Yormark could be seen demanding why things were moving so slowly on Opening Night of Jay-Z. The Nets went through the whole season and first round of the playoffs without using them.