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Paul Pierce at Du Jour Magazine event, says he's heading to eat [Photos]

Tonight, Paul Pierce walked the red carpet at an event honoring his Du Jour Magazine spread and interview. Pierce was joined by a few of his teammates at The Palm-Tribeca, including Deron Williams and Alan Anderson.

At the event, Pierce talked with Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News and confirmed that he will not be playing in Wednesday night's preseason game against the Boston Celtics -- neither will Kevin Garnett -- but he did say he will be making the trip to Boston to "enjoy" some of his "favorite restaurants." He then said he will not attend the game.

Pierce also spoke of teammate Deron Williams' health, saying that the most important thing is for Williams to be healthy and have the team peaking at the right time, at the All-Star break.

"Truthfully, if Deron is there at the beginning or not, the most important time is at the All-Star break, anyway, when teams start peaking," he said. "We’re not going to reach our potential in the first week or second week of the season. And I don’t think any team will. The only teams that are already there are the teams like the Heat and the teams that have been together. So it’s important for us to get healthy right now. Then when we get healthy, we’ll peak at the right time."

Williams has yet to be cleared to play in the preseason and it is unknown if he will be ready for opening night, when the Nets play the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

The Photos from the event were taken by Don Povia of Carrot Creative.