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How's Jason Kidd doing as coach?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The big question mark about the Nets, other than age ... and chemistry, pundits will tell you, is Jason Kidd.  Is he going to make a good coach in the NBA?

So far, so good.  The season hasn't begun and Deron Williams hasn't played yet, but there is some early signs that the Hall of Fame player will be just fine as a coach.  He obviously has the respect of the players, but that was a given. The larger issue is strategy and so far, his team is giving him high marks.

"I just think the offense in general is different," Williams told Mike Mazzeo. "A lot more movement, the ball [is] not stagnant there’s not as much isolation. There’s going to be isos at times. We have a lot of matchups we can exploit, but that’s not what we’re going to rely on. We’re not going to rely on 1-on-1. That’s been the biggest difference. It’s kind of an equal opportunity offense, plays not for one certain guy but anybody can get it."

Sound familiar? Only if you watched Kidd play. Another point is that the defense is better.  The 62 points the Heat scored last week was the lowest ever in Heat history ... and the least allowed this preseason, just as the 127 scored against the Sixers were the highest scoring total of the preseason.  Of course, it's only pre-season as everyone tell you, but so far, so good.