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For Andray Blatche, returning to Nets was easy. It was about loyalty

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Word in the Nets camp is that Andray Blatche is in good shape, both physically and mentally, a bit more mature and ready for the challenge.  It wasn't a given that he'd return.  He tells Brooklyn Eagle's Rob Abruzzese that he could have signed elsewhere ... for more than the vets minimum plus 20 percent.

"I had a couple options at different places and some places where people wanted me to go and fight for a starting position," he said. "I came back here because of loyalty, but I also saw what they had going on here and I wanted to be apart of it."

Blatche didn't say where, but there reports that the Clippers who needed (and still need) a back-up center were among those interested. Blatche is still owed $18 million by the Wizards.

Blatche said the decision was easy. "I was on my way out of the league and they gave me a chance. So I decided to come back out of loyalty."  He says he's been rewarded by getting to play with his idol, now mentor, Kevin Garnett. KG, Reggie Evans and Blatche are all repped by Andy Miller.

"It was fun. It was great to see guys out there playing. We have a lot of guys that are very competitive. Even though it was pickup it was a good game. It was game like, KG and Reggie are both very competitive. As soon as KG gets on the court, he just goes off. The competition level is crazy."