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As mystery of Deron Williams return deepens, others get better

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd's talks with beat writers on Deron Williams' injury get curiouser and curiouser.

Here's a sampling of his comments when asked about the point guard's ankle.

"The beauty of this is it’s always going to change," Kidd said when asked about the evolving schedule for D-Will's return . "That’s just the nature of the beast is it’s always going to change."

"He did a little bit more," Kidd said when asked about Williams' limited practice regimen. "If not, about the same."

"We’re only on October 19th. Just trying to get to the 20th," Kidd said when asked about the possibility of Williams being ready for Opening Night vs. the Cavaliers ... as Billy King has suggested.

How about playing in either of the two remaining preseason games. "I have no idea. I’m just worried about what he can do tomorrow."

Finally, after being peppered by questions, Kidd replied, "It's not gonna change. It's like a record. Just push play."

And so it goes, although Kidd did say Williams is getting "better."

"He worked out. He looked good, so I think he’s going in the right direction,” Kidd said. “He’s doing everything that the doctors and the trainers have asked him. … It’s a process, and he got better."

Paul Pierce wasn't talking either, but offered, "Why come back when you’re only 80-85 percent, than go back and you’re down to 50 percent? We’d rather a guy takes all the rest he needs into 100 percent so he’s ready to go."

Meanwhile, Jason Terry and Tyshawn Taylor played at full throttle and Andrei Kirilenko, who's getting acupuncture treatments on his back, was feeling better. As expected, Pierce and Kevin Garnett will not travel to Boston for Wednesday's game, thus making sure that the January 25 game vs. the Celtics will have the requisite drama.