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Yormark: "Nets on pace to sell out practically every game this year"


Brett Yormark was on the phone with Boomer and Carton Thursday morning talking about the retirement of Jason Kidd's No. 5. He was asked why not do this during a regular season game against a team like the Raptors, when you might need a boost. Yormark said it's not about the tickets, that it was about Kidd's preference.. In explaining things, Yormark said the Nets could do something they've never done before.

"It's never been about tickets," Yormark told Carton. "We're on pace to sell out practically every game this year. So it wasn't an issue of doing it for Toronto and using it to drive more sales. This year, we're obviously very bullish on the team and so are the fans."

Last season, the Nets sold out 26 of their 41 dates and since the Draft Day trade that brought Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn, they've sold nearly 2,000 more season tickets, team officials have said. If, as expected, the Nets sell out vs. Miami, it will be their first preseason sellout ever.

Talking expectations, Yormark agreed with Carton's comment that "something went horribly wrong if the team doesn't win 60 games." The Nets CEO said the team is "talking championship."

Yormark also talked about how Garnett has been great, working with him in China to sell sponsorships and attending a season ticket holder event last week where 250 people showed up.  "He's brought a whole new dimension to the franchise, obviously to the team but also, I think, to the franchise in general."

As for Billy King's mood, Yormark said, ""He’s just thrilled with the coaching staff, the players, the direction. It’s been a totally different attitude."