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Custom can and mural designed for Deron Williams

Brooklyn Nets

You won't be able to avoid Deron Williams the next few weeks (months?) if you enter Barclays Center from the east. A new mural by graffiti artist Tristan Eaton fills the wall of the old Bergen Tile building at Flatbush and Dean. The building will soon be torn down for a six-story apartment building.

And if you avoid that but are a Red Bull drinker, you'll see the same mural on custom cans the energy drink is selling around New York . D-Will worked with Eaton on the design and said he was "blown away" when he saw it on the can.

Asked about his impressions of D-Will, Eaton said, We got to hang out a little bit, get to know each other a little and that was pretty awesome. I think that we’re completely different people with completely different lives, but we share the same kind of dedication to this thing we love: for me, it’s art, for him, it’s his sport."

The mural went up on Tuesday night. Atlantic Yards Info, a local watchdog group, posted it on YouTube.