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Can Nets beat the Heat? Coach Nick breaks it down

Basketball Breakdown's Coach Nick offers his analysis on whether the Nets can take the Heat in a seven-game series (not a preseason game where the highlights will take place before the game).

The coach makes some interesting points, particularly how both Kevin Garnett (16.5, 11.5 and 3.0 in 38 minutes) and Paul Pierce (19.0, 8.7 and 7.7 in 43 minutes) had better performances --but in a lot more minutes-- than Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and particularly Joe Johnson did vs. the Heat. He also notes that the returning Nets had atrocious defensive numbers vs. Miami. He also points out that Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko both played better defense against LeBron James than Gerald Wallace.

Coach Nick's bottom line for SB Nation viewers: "Can the Nets beat the Heat in a seven game series? WHile they have more games to compete and the games won't be blowouts this year, it does appear clear that the Heat has too much talent --and teamwork-- for the Nets to overcome."

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