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BrooklyKnight performs impossible, wedges dunk attempt in 24 second clock

He was created by Marvel Comics as "first super hero in NBA history," became the subject of a comic book distributed on Opening Night of Barclays Center and played to mixed reviews at the arena and in public appearances. But Tuesday night, he finally showed his awesome superpowers when he somehow lodged a basketball in the 24-second clock above the basket.

As Ian Eagle said, a normal person (not a superhero!) wouldn't have been able to do that in 500,000 attempts.

It happened between the first and second quarters of the Celtics game, as part of a trampoline dunking performance. The Knight, whose identity like all superheroes' must remain cloaked in mystery, lost control of the ball as he went up for the dunk. The ball couldn't be retrieved by mere mortals, including Andray Blatche armed with a broom so a new ball was brought in. Word is the superhero, whose family reportedly calls him "Lou", spent the rest of the evening super embarrassed.

Don't worry, Knight, we are all still in preseason form.