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Quotes from Nets win over 76ers

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd

Q: What did you think of [Shaun] Livingston tonight?

I think he’s gotten better each time he’s taken the floor. His comfort level you can see is very comfortable. But again, he’s a professional. He knows what it takes to run a team, and he displayed that tonight.

Q: Did you want to see how Mirza Teletovic played with some more starters and get him in with different guys?

We wanted Mirza to play a little bit more, get him on the floor and see him in some different situations. Again, his name and number was called, and he responded in a positive way. He did some good things, also some things we need to clean up. But I thought he responded in a positive way.

Q: What did you not like about what happened out on the court tonight. Anything out there concern you?

We talked about before the game field goal percentage, we want to get in that top ten, under 42% and we did that. Sharing the ball, we did that, turnovers we didn’t accomplish our goal having thirteen so that’s something we have to work on. As a whole defensively we played, we got stops for a stretch there, it was six out of seven which led to our offense. So, we understand we have to stop them to get on the offensive end and the guys responded.

Brooklyn Nets Center Brook Lopez

Q: Five blocks for you, is that something you’re happy about?

Yeah, definitely, that’s a lot of effort. I have to also give those to some other teammates, they made guys like Spencer Hawes and Thaddeus [Young] second guess themselves and continue so I could get back in the play.

Q: What did you think about Shaun [Livingston] tonight? He seemed pretty dominant out there.

He was great. The way he plays, he moves the ball and gets everyone going, and it comes back to him. What goes around comes around.

Brooklyn Nets Guard Shaun Livingston

Q: You said you have a long ways to go but how comfortable are you?

It was a good game. I’m a player that kind of plays by feel, so the more comfortable I feel, the more I get acclimated. But there’s still a long way to go. I don’t think we want to get too high or too low. It’s just about getting better and progression. We’re here for the long haul.

Philadelphia 76ers Forward Evan Turner

Q: You guys are going to have some issues this year rebounding. What happened tonight? How can you guys improve on that?

Obviously that’s a great rebounding team, some tough guys, some giants, but at the end of the day we have to get it together and rebound. We just can’t sit there and say, “Oh we’re not going to rebound.” That’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to put guys in there and do so. Our guards obviously have to come back and get some, but we have to figure out a way to get rebounds. Guys from the rebound, they’ve got to either go get it or, if not, they’ve got to block their man off and let somebody else get it. We can’t stay on one side of the court in like ten possessions, you know what I’m saying?

Q: Coach called tonight a bit of a reality check. Do you feel like that as well?

Yeah, of course, but I just think obviously guys compete and everything but it’s about executing. I don’t think there’s anyone slacking in this team, it’s just executing and getting things together. Sometimes we’re there, we’ve just go to finish off the play. If it hits our hand, we’ve got to make sure we grab it and that’s pretty much it. It’s all about crossover and transferring what we did in practice. If we’re going to play tough, do something in practice, we have to do it in the game. That’s a great team over there, but we’ve just got to keep getting better.