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Pierce, but not Garnett, to face Celtics in black-and-white

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Paul Pierce has said he's unlikely to play in next week's preseason game in Boston, but he will be on the court Tuesday when the Celtics, with their ex-Nets, travel to Brooklyn. The image of Pierce in black-and-white, not green, is likely to make grown men cry in Beantown. So maybe that's the reason why Jason Kidd isn't playing Kevin Garnett ... as a show of mercy.

Makes for a good story, but Kidd wants to save as many regular season minutes for his two former Celtic superstars. He rested Pierce on Monday and will rest KG on Tuesday.  Garnett isn't happy about it. After all, it's the first test of the back-and-back plan for KG. Kidd has proposed, and Garnett has objected, a plan that would have KG sit out half of the Nets; 19 back-to-backs.

"It wasn’t my decision. So that’s where I’m going to leave that," said Garnett, after the Sixer game. "I am trying to be as positive as I can be. This is not up to me, and I’m being positive. I’m trying to listen and go with the plan that was laid out for me, and being positive with that, so I’m trusting [Nets coach] Jason [Kidd] and what he has in store for myself and I’m going to embrace it."

Meanwhile, ex-Nets Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks will be on the court in Celtic green. Keith Bogans is hurt and Kris Joseph is now in Orlando. Brooks, so far, is the only player in the game to admit it's a big deal, telling Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe. "Obviously I’m looking forward to playing at the Barclays Center because they traded me," he said.

Jorge Gutierrez may be back Tuesday to give Shaun Livingston some rest at the point. No word yet on the other walking wounded, which includes Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Jason Terry and Tyshawn Taylor.